About Us


Founded in 2009, Veritas is a Rapid City, South Dakota based Company.  Veritas is duty-bound and created around the following guiding principles:

  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Loyalty
  • Knowledge
  • Humility
  • Customer Service

Being Native American and Veteran Owned & Operated, we not only support, but actively recruit Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Veritas proudly supports the COMMIT Foundation and other grassroots Veteran Aid organizations - we know firsthand which programs best serve our fellow warriors.  Our company donates a percentage of all profits to these foundations and will continue to do so until all of our brothers and sisters come home.  We appreciate any and all efforts, no matter how large or small, that help us recruit, train, and place returning Veterans into fulfilling careers.

Our Mission

Veritas is committed to being one of the best small gas & oil service companies in the country and is committed to hiring and training the best individuals on the planet.  At Veritas, we adhere to the highest standards and our experienced team is constantly raising the bar on every project we accept and complete.  Every customer discovers what we call the "The VERITAS difference", as they witness firsthand our ability to provide unmatched quality and service.  One of our many top priorities is a commitment to human capital, as we believe in the power of good people.  This commitment has served us well, as we refuse to fall into the category of just "another company" - our entire team always goes the extra mile to ensure 110% customer care and satisfaction.